Summarisers, created # 2023-08-12 18:53

Summarisers are prompts used by MyHub to create summaries of my Hubbed notes about a Resource. Each Summarisers can be applied with a different length - ie most are designed to include the phrase "Limit your response to X words" - so most experiments will refer to "S-n-X", which means: "Summariser N, set to word limit X".

Summariser 2

Summariser 1


I will give you a set of items. Each item represents an article, and is composed of the article's title, its URL and a description. Reproduce the list, but if the description is longer than 150 words, replace it with a summary of 150 words. Here are the items:

Summariser 0

This Summariser's built in to MyHub-ChatGPT pilot integration, and so will be used as a baseline for most experiments. It tends to create very short summaries:

Write a concise summary of the following: