Experiment log

  • foretaste: should I develop NetflixThis GPT?
  • experiment 10: throwing most of the prompts developed below at a small collection of recent resources about AI
  • experiment 9: riffing off yet another excerpt from the LinkedIn chat, this time on the opportunities missed, and perhaps becoming available again, from on-site communities and newsletters
  • experiment 8: riffing off another excerpt from the LinkedIn chat, this time on alternative social media and their implications for communication strategies.
  • experiment 7: riffing off a 2m excerpt from a LinkedIn chat I had on integrating internal and external communication strategies, knowledge management and more.
  • experiment 6 - ideator GPT: trying to reproduce something like Experiment 5, but with (my first) GPT
  • experiment 5 - ideator: reflects the recommendation ChatGPT itself gave me in Experiment 1: "Use ChatGPT outputs as idea generators rather than sources of literal truth"
  • experiments 2 3 4 - knowledge visualisation: help me visualise what this collection of resources is about
  • experiment 1 - newsletter: write me a newsletter about a collection of resources